( ITEM ID: EO-002875 )Super ultra-thin Bluetooth USB dongle

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Super ultra-thin Bluetooth USB dongle


  • Super mini Bluetooth USB dongle
  • Operation range: 20 meters
  • Carrier Frequency: 2.4-2.483GHz
  • Spread Spectrum: FHSS
  • Data Rate: 1Mbps
  • Input Power: DC 5V, USB Power
  • Sensitivity:<0.1% BER at -80 dBm
  • LED Indicator: Single LED
  • Dimensions: 25 x 6 x 15mm



Super ultra-thin Bluetooth USB dongle

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  • Dorie Hines 10 25,2013 17:57Rating:Excellent
    I purchased this bluetooth adapter to use with bluetooth enabled headphones (artic p311). I was frustrated for a while trying to get the things to work without the software for windows 8. However, the drivers did download automatically when plugging in the kinovo usb bluetooth device. But I couldn\'t figure out how to make the connection with my device. So for others that are having trouble, this is what you do (it will save you some frustration.) First plug in your bluetooth kinovo usb and let it download the drivers. Then go to the right lower corner of windows and click on the up arrow. Select the bluetooth icon and then choose JOIN A PERSONAL AREA NETWORK. Make sure the device you want it powered on...then select ADD A BLUE TOOTH DEVICE. Your device should show up. Select it and then the connection will be made. Hope this helps. :)
  • Jeffrey Headley10 25,2013 08:43Rating:Excellent
    The bluetooth adapter is mall and the blue light is not too intrusive. It was detected automatically by Windows7. However I chose to download the latest bluetooth driver package from Broadcom ([...]). This allowed a little more features/flexibility for my bluetooth headphone/headset/mic. I haven\'t tried this on my Linux systems and update once tested.
  • Peter G. Hamilton 09 09,2013 19:08Rating:Excellent
    I didn\'t have too much trouble installing the device drivers on a windows 7 64bit. I inserted the disk into the dvd drive, then clicked start, right clicked computer, clicked properties from the menu that pops up, clicked device manager, then you right click on the bluetooth device, click properties, click update driver, and then you tell it to look for drivers on your computer, select computer from the menu, and then find your dvd drive and tell it to look for drivers there. Alternatively, you could also follow the instructions it came with, but those seemed a little messed up, or formulated for another version of windows.

    Overall it works pretty good. I was able to successfully pair this with an Asus Infinity tablet, and sent files back and forth between the tablet and the computer just fine, However, I also tried pairing this with a Motorola droid 2 and I was successfully able to send files from the computer to the phone, but not from the phone to the computer. I have tried updating the drivers, but it still doesn\'t work, although I do want to try playing with it a bit more.

    My only other complaint is that I did drop this about a foot or so onto my desk and the little plastic piece on the back broke at the seam. This didn\'t interfere with the functionality, but it is an annoyance and points to somewhat cheap manufacturing. I could try sending it back as it does have a two year warranty, but I plan on keeping this plugged into my desktop and I have no real need to send it back.

    I have not used this to stream music, so I cannot comment on that.

    Overall, a good product, but you may want to look at something else if you plan on using this with multiple computers.


    I was contacted by Kinivo and they are sending me a replacement free of charge. I have raised my rating from 3 to 4 stars because of their excellent customer service.

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