( ITEM ID: EO-002860 )Bluetooth USB Dongle 20 meters - white color

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Bluetooth USB Dongle 20 meters - white color


  • Crystal casing Bluetooth USB dongle
  • Operation range: 20 meters
  • Carrier Frequency: 2.4-2.483GHz
  • Spread Spectrum: FHSS
  • Data Rate: (Bluetooth v1.2) 1Mbps or (Bluetooth v2.0) up to 3Mbps
  • Input Power: DC 5V, USB Power
  • Sensitivity:
    (Bluetooth v1.2) <0.1% BER at -80 dBm
    (Bluetooth v2.0) <-82 dBm (typical), GFSK
  • LED Indicator: Single LED
  • Dimensions: 52.6 x 9.3 x 18.3 mm

Bluetooth USB Dongle 20 meters - white color

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  • N. Tang10 19,2013 15:09Rating:Excellent
    First, the adapter itself: no problems, installed quickly on a Win7 laptop, paired easily with stuff. But after a day or two, the device stopped responding at all.

    The company had really amazing customer service. I sent an email describing the problem on a Wednesday around 3pm. I got an email response a little more than an hour later, asking for the EOEM order ID and my address. I sent it to them, and got an acknowledgement Wednesday night around 11pm. By Friday afternoon, a replacement adapter was waiting at my front door! Really, this is about the best customer service I\'ve ever received from a company. (And of course the second adapter has been working fine ever since.)
  • Attycop 09 25,2013 18:24Rating:Excellent
    I\'ve used this adapter for several weeks at my desk using the BTH220 Kinivo headset. They have both worked perfectly. I\'m amazed that the range on this Bluetooth product allows me to walk 30-40 ft to another room and even pass through two office walls and still provide excellent audio.
  • smartbomb09 18,2013 16:15Rating:Good
    I guess Ive become used to being able to plug something into a windows computer and just allow it to extract the drivers from the device and install them automatically. After reading tons of reviews saying \"It was so easy, I just used the disk and now im connected...\" Well I got the TINY (good) plug in, and almost immediately forgot there was a disk. I read the instructions, which state that the existing drivers may not be current, and gives instructions to download from Broadcom.com and ONLY broadcom. So I follow the instructions, and go to Broadcom, follow their easy instructions to download the installer. And attempt to run it every which way possible, but it always quits unexpectedly halfway through. I make sure to delete anything that is downloaded during each attempt (there are multiple drivers needed, 4+) before attmpting again. It says do not plug in the dongle before downloading, so I tried downloading with the dongle attached. I attempted to simply plug it in and allow it to self install the drivers, which it did sucessfully, but I couldnt pair anything...iPad, Samsung GalaxyS, LG Bluetooth Headphones... nothing would function, some would pair and be recognized but nothing was functional.
    Then I remembered the disk... 3 minutes later everything works.
    So, let me go so far as to say that you MUST use the disk... Dont bother wasting your time without the disk. Installed on a quadcore xeon 3.0/16gb RAM, fresh install of Win7 with no previous BT software installed... shoulda self-installed with ease, but not for this one.
    Other than the install issue, It now funtions as it would, and Im now listening to itunes on my BT Headphones... cheapest one I could find so I cant complain too much, good buy!
  • Harry O\'Geek02 21,2013 16:36Rating:Excellent
    This unit was plug and play in both a Windows 8 PC and an Asus eeePC netbook running Ubuntu 12.10. No extra software install was involved - just using what was already in the systems. I used it for both audio and keyboard.

    Very satisfied with the BlueRigger vendor who sold this through EOEM fulfillment.

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