• How to order

    How to order

    We have 6 steps to completed your order on our site. Step 1: Log In/Register a New Account;Step 2: Update Your Shopping Cart; Step 3: Fill in Billing and Shipping Information; Step 4: Calculate Shipp...

  • Merge my order

    Merge my order

    Here you can merge your recently different orders that order state must be same, For exmaple,in your order list right now have 2 orders but both state have not make the payment, then you can merge thi...

  • Tracking Order
  • Warranty Terms

    Warranty Terms

    The manufacturers shall only be held responsible for warranty boxes which are purchased directly from our website with an order number. If you have purchased your products from a reseller who has purc...

  • Payment Information

    Payment Information

    We have list all payment methods at this section for you, Once you place your order online , you can check this related information to completed your order.

  • Delivery Area

    Delivery Area

    All the Delivery Destinations list,some country maybe we did not list inside this form that not mean we did not support to delivery to the area, this list we are keep on update always.