Problems of data cable connector looseness?

After a period of time using Power Bank, because multiple time used of pull plug, the Power Bank can lead to joint looseness. I also found this problem recently.


When plug on a mobile phone will appear that connection is not normal. And need shake for several times, then the charging will be OK. This is really a headache problem to many people.


Here I am going to offer you some tips which are summarized from my own experience and share them with readers.
For charging a mobile phone, you need check whether a mobile phone's charging indicator displays are charging, if not that is virtual connection. 
Please tighten the plug and then do not touch it again to make sure that the charging is without interference.
The better way is to use the orginal data cable & charger, and do not easy to appear connector looseness problem.
And the best way is to buy two more data cable & Power Bank at home, so when the connector comes looseness, you can replace them.
Does these tips help you some?
Going to the online shop & buy some new data cables now.