Apple iOS 8: Release date, news, rumours, apps, maps and des

When Apple announced iOS 7 in June last year and launched it with the iPhone 5S, it ushered in the biggest visual change the operating system had seen since its inception. Designed by Jony Ive, the UI had been given a flat, 2D overhaul with bold bright colours, new icons and a cool parrallaxing effect.

There were also new features introduced like iTunes Radio and AirDrop. Most recently, Apple introduced CarPlay - revealed at this year's Geneva Motor Show - in the form of an iOS 7.1 update.

Even with this recent upgrade, plenty of rumours are starting to circulate about what Apple could have in store for its next major update - iOS 8 - that many predect will be revealed to us in the next few months. And, chances are, could be launched with the iPhone 6 at the end of this year.

We've sorted through the internet rumour mill to bring you the latest news and rumours on what Cupertino could have planned and, more importantly, when we could see it.

Apple iOS 8: Design

Given the visual overhaul that Apple went through with iOS 7, it's unlikely we'll see such a big change happening again. Part of the reason Apple redesigned iOS 7 was to launch it alongside the colour-themed iPhone 5c. So we're reasonably confident that, in terms of the UI, very little will change.

That hasn't stopped designers uploading concept ideas to the internet. The one below is the work of Vilim Pluzaric and was brought to our attention by It continues the flat design of iOS 7 and the standard grid layout of the apps.

What we can also be reasonably sure of is that Apple won't be embracing the widgets that have made Android so popular.