iPhone 6 air Release date, rumours, features and some news

The iPhone 5S has been available for just over half a year now, meaning it's well and truly time to turn our eyes towards what Apple has up its sleeve. The iPhone 5S comes fingerprint sensor for added security and convenience, a retooled camera module, new colour scheme and its most advanced processor yet – so what can we expected from its follow up, the iPhone 6?

iPhone 6 release date

Unless Apple dramatically changes course from its release schedule, we’re unlikely to see the iPhone 6 arrive on the scene until September 2014. We're expecting that Apple will drop the iPhone 5C, replacing it as an alternative to the normal iPhone with a slightly larger phabet. It was suggested that Apple could be launching two phablets, but battery problems are said to have delayed the largest 5.5-inch iPhone 6 until 2015.

It's looking increasingly likely September will be the date, thanks to Apple boss Tim Cook confirming Apple's new products will be arriving soon.

Either way, it's looking increasingly like the iPhone 6 is already under production.

Apple iPhone 6 screen size

Apple's iPhone 6 will launch with a larger screen, that much is certain. How large though is where things start getting a hazey with the web seemingly split between Apple launch two sizes of iPhone or just one.

Throwing its lot in with the notion that Apple will launch just one new handset is this leaked iPhone 6 schematic which shows what appears to be not only a new design for the iPhone but also a single 5-inch display, contradicting previous reports.


As with any and all Apple-based rumour it's important to take what you've just seen with a large mountain of salt, there's no way of proving that this schematic is real.

That said, 9to5 Mac claimed to have gotten hold of an image showing an as yet unverified image of the iPhone 6 chasis sporting a thinner body and what could be a larger 5-inch display.


The image is blurry to be honest and while CTech have certainly had some legitimate leaks in the past there's no telling whether this is actually an iPhone 6 image or just an early prototype from Apple.

If it does prove to be real then it means that the new iPhone would have a significantly smaller body measuring in at around 6.5mm thin.

Recent reports from the Wall Street Journal have indicated that Apple is experimenting with screens ranging from 4.5- to 6-inches. Apple had to be dragged kicking and screaming from its classic 3.5-inch handset to the iPhone 5 and 5S’ 5-inch screen, but speculation suggests it is willing to push closer to the 5-inch screens offered by some of its Android rivals.

According to MacRumors, one analyst has suggested that Apple could be looking to implement a 4.8-inch Retina+ IGZO screen made by Sharp, which will make the iPhone 6 display thinner, brighter and much clearer – boasting better than HD resolutions.

So there you have it, all we know about the one-size-fits-all theory. Now onto the possibility that actually Apple will actually unveil two new handsets in different sizes.

The latest rumour about a larger iPhone 6 comes from Sonny Dickson – the same guy that gave us a sneak peak of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C ahead of their launch.

The leaked case suggests Apple will be unveiling a 4.7-inch iPhone 6, with slimmer body and newly positioned power button.

The case size reveals that the iPhone 6 could be thinner than the current model and even thinner than the Google Nexus 5.


In March Chinese analyst Sun Changxu told Chinese-language website QQ Tech that Apple will launch the follow up to its flagship smartphone in two large screen sizes.

As well as the addition of larger screen sizes, the company could also move forward the launch date of the phone, according to Sun.

According to Sun, the iPhone 6 will come with a 4.7-inch screen, with a display resolution of 1,136 by 640 pixels. The company would then launch a larger 5.5-inch model shortly afterwards. That's looking increasingly unlikely due to the rumoured issues with the larger model's battery.

He said the company is likely to use the Worldwide Developers Conference in June to launch the handsets.

However, a leaked image that showed up on Chinese forum WeiPhone appeared to show a display for an iPhone 6 model lined up against an iPhone 5S and an iPhone 4S.


Of course, this could be a fake image created by someone who has tampered with and refitted the glass. Or it could be a prototype display that Apple has ordered from Chinese suppliers.