MicroSim Adapter for iPad and iPhone
MicroSim Adapter for iPad and iPhone

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The micro-SIM-adapter has a frame which will carry the micro-sim (iPad Sim) and converts it into the size of the standard SIM. You can then use your micro-sim from the IPad in your iPhone.

SIM is a mini-version of the normal SIM Card and will be used in a number of mobiles soon. The actual size of the card is 12mm x 15mm which is 52% smaller than the «normal» SIM and of course it will not fit into your current phone.

Why do you need Micro Sim Adapter ?

If you have a data plan/service with any mobile-carrier, irrespective if it is on your hand phone or with a usb-modem, you are likely to have a 2G-Slot and will be unable to use the SIM card on your iPad. Or if you have an iPad with the new Micro-SIM – you will be unable to use the Micro-SIM in your iPhone. There will be devices such as mobile-phones, data sticks, usb-modems, notebooks and similar, with old or new slots in the market and you will not be able to interchange SIM-Cards between those devices unless you use a Micro-SIM with an adapter.