Nspro v5.0.0 beta released

- 03-10-2008


Nspro v5.0.0 beta released

-Added B300, C500, E215, E251, P180, A517, B130, F400, F480, F490, L810, U800, U900 support.

-Added support for new J600 versions

-Improved qualcomm flashing protocol


NsPro 5 delivers a new user experience by providing a brand new interface that makes you more productive. The new version is localized in several of the most used languages, brings a new help system, allows you to log all the operations you do, notifies you when an operation is done and delivers phone information and hints all the time.
Below is a description of the new NsPro features.


The new interface brings a new 5 steps work flow design to ease your work especially when you must perform different commands on the same model, and even more when you have to perform the same command (such as unlock) on the same model.


The 5 work steps are:

1. Select Model: you cannot do anything in NsPro until you select a model. Once a model is selected you can execute commands (unlock, flashing, etc.). At any step you can return to this page and change the model. The Change Model button on the left allows you to just directly to this step at any time.

2. Select Command: at this step you can select a command to run (the same available in previous versions):

  • Read info: read locks, IMEI, BT address, etc.
  • Write IMEI: change the IMEI of the phone
  • Unlock: direct unlock of the phone
  • Lock: lock the phone on a network
  • Flashing: rewrite the software on the phone
  • Service Jobs: perform additional services on the phone

3. Command Details: for most of the commands you have to provide additional options or parameters; for instance you must enter an IMEI to write on the phone, or paths to the files to write to the phone.

4. Execute: you execute the command and get an indication of the progress and status of the operation; you can stop the operation at any time (some commands will not stop immediately). When the operation is done the Next button is enabled and you can navigate to the last step.

5. Done: the command you executed is finished and now you can choose to do one of the following:

  • Execute the last operation with the same parameters; that means you don’t have to enter them again (IMEI, network ID, flash files, etc.) but directly re-run the command
  • Change the command parameters; allows you to first change the parameters of the last command and then execute it again;
  • Change the command, jumps to step 2 where you can select a new command;
  • Change the phone model; jumps to step 1 where you can select a new model.

More and more check on nspro official page !