Multi-box present VodaFone / Huawei / Plusfon etc

- 09-03-2008

Multi-box present VodaFone / Huawei / Plusfon etc..

First Huawei_Voda_Tool_v1.0.exe support next models:

  • VodaFone V716
  • VodaFone V715
  • Huawei U120
  • Huawei U120e
  • Huawei U120s
  • Huawei U121
  • Plusfon 401i

Software descriptions:
- reset network code
- read back up data ( for future updates for new versions )

Unlock procedure:
1. Connect cable to phone. Also insert locked SIM card ( not Vodafone card )
2. Switch on phone. When keyboard ligth on, press "Reset Unlock Code" button. Phone will freezed. After few second phone start work again and
show locked message.
3. Press left button under screen on phone and enter 16 zeros (0000000000000000), then press OK.
4. If code resetted ok, phone show correct code and ask for reboot. Reboot phone.
5. After reboot phone will be unlocked.