Easy Unlocker Box SHELL UPDATE 04/07/2008


Easy Unlocker 04-07-2008 update

  • New rewritten version of shell for easy unlocker programs, with the main feature that now users can add/modify/make their own data base of tested phones and share with other users.
  • We launch this New Shell with 495 models in DB inside and growing...

Just take this easy structure to add new models on your DB
[LG KG800]
unlock=Direct Unlock
cable=Cable KG800 (RJ-45)
method=Phone should be powered off without sim card inside
exe=LG 2G Easy Unlocker.exe
[LG KG800] -> Model of the phone
Unlock -> method for unlock or read codes
Cable -> cable used for this or if any modification is required
Method -> Status of the phone/ selection in program
Exe-> name of the program to load
Codes-> service codes for example