AdvanceBox v2.16 release

- 05-31-2008

AdvanceBox v2.16

> USB Communication Supported :
Read/Write PM, Full/Total Factory Reset, Read/Write Security Code
Support OLD-BB5 USB Unlocking (First to implement this feature)
Support Direct Unlock Via TP using this interface. It is more faster than Box RXTX(FBUS)
Support Backup/Restore 308
Support FBUS Counter Reset Using this Interface
Support Send PSW in USB

> Added E90 Direct Unlock Via TP [First in the world to implement unlocking of this phone VIA TP]
V 15-10-07 RA-6 (c) Nokia, V 1.0641.30 07-06-07 RA-6 (c) Nokia,V 10-04-08 RA-6 (c) Nokia
> Added E90 TESTPOINT Picture (Just press SHOW TP, you can see button E90 CLK/DATA)

Note: To use USB Interface you must CHECK it in settings and you must PLUG the USB to PC.
Default Interface is FBUS(rxtx).