Moto Rocker v2.19 Released

- 16.05.2008 Moto Rocker v2.19 Released

Whats new:

* Added Motorola E8 flash/dump support
* Added Motorola U9 flash/dump support
* Added Motorola Z6 flash/dump support
* Switching from Motorola Mass Storage to TCI
* Restored use of RDF files
* Modem handling slightly changed
* Language pack flashing for V9 correction:

Some of the firmware versions in this phone have different CG4 start address - so prior to actual flashing, Moto Rocker will first check CG4 location in connected phone. This function might have some bugs, so in case of "MEM_MAP_BLANK" problem, please reflash phone with monster and report here.

SCM-A1 models (V8, Z6, U9, E8), K1s, V9 - these phones have DBS* implemented, hence unlocking for now is not possible. Please use unlock codes servers for mentioned models.

Reading language pack from SCM-A11 models is a bit different now. Instead of usual CG04, You have to select CG46.

Rocker Dongle is world exclusive solution with such function !