DreamBox new updated 3.5

- 14.04.2008

DBSS v3.3 Enabled support for DB2012 platform (CID 50) of the following Sony Ericsson models: K310, K320, K510, W810. Starting from this version of DBSS V3.3, the flashing of any handset doesn’t depend on flash file CID version. The phone can be flashed with flash file of any CID version.


- 16.04.2008

DBSS v3.3.1. Released "New CID" option for Execute "Security Bypass" Operations.


- 21.04.2008

DBSS v3.4. Sony Ericsson W300 (CID 51, 52) is added to the list of supported. Improved "Security Bypass" operation.


- 08-05-2008

DBSS v3.5

Sony Ericsson Z530 (CID 51, 52) is added to the list of supported. The following options are added.

- Repair "5 Locks Closed" and "Red Blinking". "Security Bypass" mode required.
- Standalone permanent unlock by Test Point. "Security Bypass" mode required.
- Read/write full flash. "Security Bypass" mode required.
- Read/write GDFS.
- Multiflash FOTA/Main Firmware/File System using DCU-60 cable.
- Phone customization.
- Change CDA.
- Read phone info.
- Read phone internal diagnostic log.
- Reset Call Timer.

To enter "Security Bypass" mode on DB2012 platform the correct GDFS structure and configuration is required.