Smart-Clip updated SmartMoto v3.14

- 10.01.2008

SmartMoto v3.03. Repair EEPROM and Format FFS for W377 phone model. World’s first. Word’s exclusive IMEI repair solution for Sony Ericsson T250, Z250 and Z320.


- 21.01.2008 

SmartMoto v3.04. World’s first, unlock K1s with boot version 0D.C0 (0D.C1 beta test). Unlock V9, boot version 5.80 (beta test).


- 25.01.2008

Smart-Clip v4.02, S-Card v2.02 and SmartMoto v3.05. With this release we present improvement in the process of restoring Temporary backup for the phone model V9 with boot version higher than 5.70.


- 04.02.2008

Smart-Clip v4.05, S-Card v2.05 and Smart-Moto v3.06. IMEI repair firmware patch via TestPoint for the models A1200, E2 and E6. Network IMEI patch for the models C261, W370 and W375. Also, for the models C275, V175 and W377 (requires to be tested with the network). Read info, using Smart-Clip connection, for the models A1200, E2 and E6 (E6 – firmware and language pack version only). For better convenience, the Update process can be performed using either Update Mirror 1 or the Update Mirror 2.



SmartMoto v3.09 and Smart Adaptor v1.03. Unlock, world’s first Format FFS and world’s first Repair EEPROM for the models W175 and W180. The only unlock solution for W175 and W180 that doesn’t mess up the system and doesn’t require any drivers to be reinstalled or restored after unlock. Repair PDS for A1200, fw version R541.



SmartMoto v3.10. With this release the list of supported Compal models is corrected.


- 04.03.2008

Smart-Clip v4.07, S-Card 2.07 and SmartMoto v3.12. Unlock of Motorola W5 (Prepare Smart TestPoint). Released "Automatic Disable USB Printing Connection" while detecting the models W510, W490, W5 etc. The models W156 and W160 are added to the SmartMoto list (Unlock only). Reorganized "Repair EEPROM" function for some Compal models.


- 27.03.2008

S-Card 2.08 and SmartMoto v3.13. World’s exclusive, Unlock solution for Motorola U3 (Prepare Smart TestPoint). World’s first, unlock of V3re, boot version 0C.F4 (Prepare Smart TestPoint). Repair PDS and Flash support for V3i with flash chip size 64Mb.


- 08.04.2008

SmartMoto v3.14. World’s first, Unlock, Repair EEPROM and Format FFS solution for the model W230. Reorganized Format FFS procedure for W156/W160. Implemented some improvements to the functionality algorithm for Compal+ and Locosto models.