Advance BB5 update!

- 01.06.2008

-fixed hangup for some phones
-improved software performance
-enabled support for OTHER UFS firmware (2.7 + )
-improved autounlock trigger encryption

-improved TP detection
-improved Phone detection
-added autocreate folder for LOGS, BACKUP, AUTOBACKUP, FULL PM and TP
-fixed some bugs

-Added option for BAD IMEI


-added verification of bytes or size of backup
-enabled keypress to allow in learning mode
-other AD's enabled/activated to support some phone version
-added option to allow bypass automatic TP detection. (can be use for other phone if is too hard to detect TP)
-full factory reset fixed
-added selection for AD to be used.
-fix some bugs.
-minor changes autounlock.ini



-Auto update BB5.INI and Autounlock.ini (button only)
-AdvanceUFS and AdvanceBB5 will use ONE software only..
-added unlock triggers in BB5.INI and Autounlock.ini
-improved software performance
-added option to full factory reset
-Personal ini added for your generated trigger from Learning Mode.



-remove KP/FBUS option, software is now able to automate.
-save log corrected. (click event removed)
-updated unlock trigger (new phone/version added )
-added autoupdate for Advance Settings.ini
-added what’s new button
-support all version/chip for 5300/5300b/5200/5200b/6300/6300b/E61/E65/N73/N92/N77
-added new phone E61i

-Update software
-Added option to on/off sound
-Added Filter in autounlock.ini
-Added trigger for RM-126 v4.25/4.28 pin 41(rap)

-Write PM enabled
-Read Security code added
-Set to Default Security code added
-Improved Learning Mode Unlock
-Fix wav play
-Added new triggers
-Support No TP Unlock (Direct unlock without TP)for OLD BB5 (6630, 6680, 6681, N70, N90 and etc...).
-Improved software.
-Learning Mode "Auto Restore PM" bug fixed
-Learning Mode for N95 RM-159 version 10 and version 20 fixed
-Dupicate Triggers checking

** Learning Mode-B added for 5200 4.72
Under beta testing. Please send me a PM if you with to beta test
5200 4.72 Learning Mode-B