Smart-Clip big updated!

- 04.09.2007

Released new versions of Smart-Clip v3.20, S-Card v1.42 and SmartMoto v2.29. World’s first. Released unlock of LTE2 ROM4 models W510, L72 and L9, using Smart TestPoint cable. No TestPoint Unlock for boot version 09.02, models V360 and L7 (Prepare Cycle).


- 05.09.2007

Released a new version of Smart-Clip v3.21 and S-Card v1.43. With this release Unlock button issue is fixed.

Released new version of SmartMoto v2.30. Prepare function for the models V360 and L7 with boot 09.02 is reorganized and corrected. Also, Prepare Smart TestPoint procedure is improved.


- 07.09.2007

Released new versions of S-Card 1.44 and SmartMoto v2.31. Added model selection by series for Prepare cycle. L9 Prepare Smart TestPoint procedure is perfected.


- 17.09.2007  

We are pleased to introduce new versions of Smart-Clip v3.22, S-Card v1.45 and SmartMoto v2.32. With this update we enlarge the range of supported models by adding ARGON platform unlock and flash options. So, we are proud to present: World’s first, unlock of V1100. Released unlock for other Argon based models: K3, V3xx, V6maxx. Enabled save/restore backup option for the specified above models.


- 20.09.2007

Released new versions of Smart-Clip v3.23, S-Card v1.46 and SmartMoto v2.33. First in the world released unlock solution for the model Foma M702iG. World’s first enabled save/restore backup option for Foma M702iG. Added Repair PDS for the model L2. Improved and stabilized unlock process and save/restore backup option for Argon platform models.


- 26.09.2007

We are pleased to introduce new versions of Smart-Clip v3.24, S-Card v1.47 and SmartMoto v2.35.

With this update we present some changes applied the boot loading process of Argon based models.

Developed Smart Detect of boot version for Argon based models. From now on all future boot versions are supposed to be supported. At this stage few models were tested and found to be fully compatible with Smart Detect. Listed below models with particular boot versions are approved to be supported for unlock using Smart TestPoint cable:

  • V3xx and V6 with boot version 03.09 (World’s exclusive)
  • K3 with boots 03.90 and 04.10
  • V3xx untypical* with boot version 03.08.

*V3xx untypical includes some models with specific boot versions mostly provided by North American network providers (Cingular, AT&T etc). If the model V3xx can not be processed by Prepare cycle as a usual model, please select V3xx untypical and perform the process again.


- 01.10.2007

Smart-Clip v3.25, S-Card v1.48 and SmartMoto v2.37. First in the world, released Smart TestPoint unlock feature for V3re (V3_06). Enabled flash, save/restore backup and lang_pack opiton for V3re (V3_06). Added support of new types of flash chips and new versions of PDS zone.


- 03.10.2007 

S-Card v1.49 and SmartMoto v2.38. Added support of the new flash chip types on Argon series and for the model V3re. New boot versions are tested and approved to be supported by automatic Smart Boot Detect system of SmartMoto.


- 18.10.2007

SmartMoto v2.39. First in the world, released REPAIR PDS option for LTE2 ROM4 based handsets: L72, L9, V3re (V3_06), W510.


- 09.11.2007

New versions of S-Card v1.51 and SmartMoto v2.43. First in the world released unlock option for Foma M702iS, Added unlock support for RAZR2 V9, Corrected direct unlock process for SE J110 and J120 and disabled read codes option, Released Read User Code option for Chi Mei based phones, Enabled option Reset User Code to default value for Chi Mei based models including SE J110 and J120.


- 13.11.2007

SmartMoto v2.44 and S-Card v1.52. Developed unlock solution for the model W490 (Prepare Smart TestPoint). Released support for SE J110i and J120i with the new type of flash chip.


- 28.11.2007

SmartMoto v2.46. The Unlock procedure for the Compal based models W205, W208, W209, W215, W218is totally reorganized and simplified. So, now, it’s performed in just 3 steps. Added Persian language to the SmartMoto interface.


- 04.12.2007

S-Card v1.53 and SmartMoto v2.47. Unlock and Repair EEPROM for all versions of F3, including the latest boots. Stabilized and improved connection process for W2xx Compal models.


- 12.12.2007

GsmServer Team presents Smart Adaptor that is designed to make Smart-Clip USB-compatible. With the new device you will no longer depend on LPT-port. Smart Adaptor ensures both high speed and quality of data transfer, offline PDS repair, supports Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista and is compatible with all USB versions.


- 13.12.2007

Smart Adaptor v1.01, S-Card v2.00, SmartMoto v3.00 and Smart-Clip v4.00. World’s First, Completely Free unlock solution for Sony Ericsson T250i. Foma M702IS with boot version 2.90 is added to the list of Smart TestPoint supported (beta test). SmartMoto becomes compatible with Smart Adaptor. Connection method (USB or LPT) can be selected in the Smart-Clip tab. Released a new version of S-Card update client v1.05.


- 21.12.2007 

SmartMoto v3.01. Released Unlock solution for Sony Ericsson Z320i and Z250i. Supported Unlock for V3хх with boot version 4.10 (beta test). Modified boot sending procedure for Compal W2xx series and F3.SE models are moved to the separate tab "SE phones" in SmartMoto interface.


- 27.12.2007

Smart-Clip v4.01, S-Card v2.01, Smart Adaptor v1.02 and SmartMoto v3.02. Offline repair PDS option for USB Smart Adaptor owners.Released repair PDS option for the model V195, fw R3443U1 and L7, fw R44419. Unlock solution for W377 (beta test). New ActiveX client, supporting USB Smart Adaptor, is installed to site.