Smart-Clip the newest updated

- 25.07.2007

Released new versions of Smart-Clip v3.19, S-Card v1.26 and SmartMoto v2.25. World’s first, No TestPoint Unlock (Prepare cycle) for the models K1, L7e, L71 and Z3 with the following boot versions: 0A.B2, 0A.C0, 0A.C3. Boot version 0A.42 (models V3i, V3t, V3r & V3v) is added to support of Prepare function. IMEI repair patch for K1, Z3, L7e, L71. Added Repair PDS for the model V3i, firmware version R4441D_G.


- 31.07.2007

Released new versions of S-Card v1.27 and SmartMoto v2.26. Corrected OTP status detection on V3x (AMD flash chip) and older models of C series (C450, C550 etc). Improved and stabilized flashing process for some versions of *.pcf files.


- 02.08.2007 

Introducing SCard v1.40 and SmartMoto v2.27.

  1. SCard becomes compatible with SCout software. All S-Card users get an opportunity to flash I-mode and Compal (Calypso+) models using SCout software. Flash files for them can be downloaded from SCout section at
  2. PC-Flash option is fully moved from SmartMoto to the SCout software. SmartMoto installation package is lowered in size. So, we have released the request of many users who were desperate to save the downloading traffic.


- 07.08.2007

New versions of S-Card update client v1.04 and SCout updater v1.04. Connection between S-Card/SCout dongle and these new versions of update clients is improved and stabilized.


- 10.08.2007 

Released new versions of SmartMoto v.2.28 and S-Card v.1.41. From now on S-Cards that were registered with Asian Smart-Clips are compatible with SCout flasher! With this update we also implement the following options for i-mode handsets: Reset Permanent Block feature added and Format User Area feature added