HWK Release v2.0.5.0

- 30.04.2007

DCTxBB5 v2.0.5.0

1. New BB5 products: RM-101,RM-188,RM-208,RM-260 (N92-2,6086,E65-1,6086b)
2. New DCT4 products: RH-94,RH-95,RH-97,RH-98,RM-225.RM-229
3. New CDMA products: RH-71,RH-77,RH-89,RM-121(2125,2126i,2118,2115i,2355)
4. New CDMA TIKU products:
(3155,3155i,6155,6235,6236i,3152,6265,6265i,2855,6 165,6275,2865)
5. Support of new Flash update pack, new Flash chips added.
6. Improved F-Bus polling, fixed "Bad Resp UFSx" after fatal error.
7. Improved diagnostics of "Dead APE" and not recognized Flash chips.
8. Fixed "Patch" option bug.
9. UDA(CP) flashing for RM84,RM99 (N70-1,N70-5)
10.Self Tests monitor introduced.
11.Unlock of DCT4+ (BB4.1 ASIC 2 & 11) phones.
12.Certificates backup for BB5 phones introduced ("Rd Cert"and"Bk.308"for SL_Data)
13.BB5 File System Format introduced.
14.Windows Vista(tm) 32bit OS support.

LG_GSM v2.0.5.0

1. KG110, KG320 support fixed.
2. Added new models.
3. Windows Vista(tm) 32bit OS support.

SAMs v2.0.5.0

Windows Vista(tm) 32bit OS support.
Cut Power option (Restart - power on mobile)
C140,C216,C240,C250,C260,C266,C268,C308,P310,P318, X166,X636 added.
MSL1 bypass, allows direct unlock.
E635 added.
E256,E376,E480,E488,E736,E750,E758 added.
E25x direct unlock.
Full TFS Read, TFS editor.
Option to exclude E2P part from MCU read.