UST Pro II v5.00 beta released!

- 19.04.2007

UST Pro II v5.00 beta released!
Added FULL support for M300, M600, E210, D910, D990, A127, A706, A727, X840, S501i, S401i, T629, X680N, X686, X830N, I310, E470, X526, C506, C516, X518, T519, T519N, E351, E376, D836, E906, X656, E496, T209, ZX10, ZX20, Z630

Function updates:
-Added support for NVM ERASE files, You can use NVM Erase files to erase NVM to repair damaged eep/nvm data.
-E570, E490, E790, F300, E840, J600, U100, U108, U300, U600, U500, F200, C510, S720i, S730i, P110, X680, X630, T649, T419, T539, C520 - Improved flashing for T609,T719,D807,X820,D520,E870,T619,X630
- Improved Speed of Loading UST Software.

Bugs fixed:
- Fixed minor bug in setting MSL code on EmptyBoards
- U700 support bugs fixed.
- U600 MSL calculate bug fixed, so no more problems in Unlocking/IMEIing.
- E900/E906 Network repair bug fixed.