Smart-Clip new updated


Smart-Clip updated!
Released new versions of Smart-Clip v3.15, S-Card v1.16 and SmartMoto v2.20. With this release the REPAIR IMEI option is enabled without connecting to the Internet. So, Smart-Clip users can stay offline while repairing the handsets.


- 14.03.2007 

New versions of Smart-Clip v3.16, S-Card v1.17 and SmartMoto v2.21. First in the world! Added unlock for the Compal ("Calypso+" based) models: C275, C261, V175, V176, V177, W375. No flexing or any additional action is required. No limitation. All versions are supported. Simply press UNLOCK button in SmartMoto. Flashing in PC flash mode is now supported for the following models: F3, V6, V3xx, V1100. "One button" unlock for Sony Ericsson J100.


- 22.03.2007

SmartMoto v2.22 Released. Added Format FFS (reset user code) and Repair EEPROM for Compal models (C257, C261, V175, V176, V177, W375). Enabled Repair PDS for V3i, fw R3443H3. Stabilized Unlock procedure and resolved "sending boot" issue for some Compal and Chi Mei models. Improved version detection for Z3 and K1 in PC flash mode. Allowed flashing from boot mode in PC flash.