UST PRO II v4.50b released

- 13.03.2007

- Added support to UNLOCK/IMEI Rebuild New AGERE like E570 (New versions), X830N, C300, etc...
- Added support for NEW AGERE MSL Security.
- Added "Repair Network" function for AGERE phones to Repair No Network Problem.
- Z650i Direct Unlock added.
- i600, i607 Direct Unlock added.
- Added NEW 3G FFS Format function (needed flash Z720,etc.. flashing)
- Added support for Sharp LRS18CK flash chip.
- Added support for NEW V706SC unlock (Black & DarkBlue)
- New SWIFT (D900,etc...) flash loaders upgraded.

New Phones Supported:
E390, E570, C140, C260, C250, C170, X568, E490 E790, F300, E840, J600, U100, U108, U300, U600, U500, U700, F200, F520, C510, S720i, S730i, P110, T649, T419, T539, C520