Smart-Clip other new updated!

- 10.01.2007 

Released Smart-Clip v3.10, S-Card v1.10 and SmartMoto v2.13. Improved flashing process for Mexican version of V150 fw R313LT_G_09.20.05R. Resolved "Clip communication failed" issue for older models (V60, V66, etc…), while flashing with *.smf flash files.


- 12.01.2007

Released Smart-Clip v3.11, S-Card v1.11 and SmartMoto v2.14. First in the world E770, E1070, V1075, V3x with boot versions: 06.71, 06.81, 06.82, 06.83, 06.84 supported without TestPoint. Also, V3x with Intel and AMD flash chip and V3r boot A.3.0 fw version R4515_G_08.BD.B3R are added to support by PREPARE procedure.



Smart-Clip v3.12, S-Card v1.12 and SmartMoto v2.15 Released. Model V1150 was fully tested and proved to be supported by PREPARE cycle with specified boot versions: 06.71, 06.81, 06.82, 06.83, 06.84. Added Repair PDS option and full_flash for V195 fw version R3517. Released possibility of repairing the handset with damaged flash chip by replacing it with the used unit taken from the same model. Improved version detection for the latest models Z3, K1, L7e, etc …


- 22.01.2007

SmartMoto v2.16 released. Repair PDS for the following models: V235 fw version R444HL2, L7e fw version R452D, V1075 fw version R252211LD. Unlock via TestPoint for L7e.Improved "Read lang_pack" procedure for V3i and V3r (TestPoint connection). V3v, V3t model detection for unlock via PREPARE cycle.


- 02.02.2007

Smart-Clip v3.13, S-Card v1.13 and SmartMoto v2.17 Released. Unlock via PREPARE cycle for the Е378і boot version 8.26 and V3 boot version 8.29 added. Repair PDS for V3r firmware version R3443U2. Improved Smart-Clip test-mode and enabled information detection for the models V6maxx, V3xx and V1100.