Smart-Clip new hot updated

- 04.12.2006

S-Card v1.0, SmartMoto v2.0 and Smart-Clip v3.0 Released. First of all we want to introduce a totally new product - S-Card dongle, a portable USB key for Smart-Clip updates, SmartMoto software operations and access to new flash files database. K1 is added to the list of unlock and repair supported models (unlock via TestPoint). Improved unlock for V3xr - fw R25227LD_U_86.31.34P and unlock/repair PDS procedure for specified below firmware versions (TestPoint connection method is required): L7 - fw R4517_G_08.C4.1ER, V360 - fw R44419_G_08.D6.19R, V3r - fw R3443U2_G_0E.C0.13R, V3r - fw R3443U2_G_0E.C0.13R-S. Added "Unlock via TestPoint" feature for C390 (boot 8.26) and V1075. "Enable Unicode" and "Set subsidy code to "00000000" options are implemented to SmartMoto "Service" tab.


SmartMoto v2.01 Released. In this update: unlock and repair PDS options are supported for V3t (fw version R3443U5_G_0E.C8.0CR); fixed and improved unlock procedure for the models with ERROR 9B and V975 model with "Unhandled exception".

- 12.12.2006

Released S-Card v1.02, SmartMoto v2.03 & Smart-Clip v3.02. With this release we announce a new step in unlocking, flashing and repairing technologies. From now on, all procedures for majority of the latest models can be performed without disassembling and making a TestPoint connection. The following models can be served avoiding a TestPoint connection: C390 (boot v.8.26), E1 (boot v.A.02), L2 (boot v.8.D0), L6 (boot v.8.D0), L7 (boot v.8.D0), L7 (boot v.A.20), U6 (boot v.8.A1), V190 (boot v.8.A0), V190 (boot v.8.D0), V235 (boot v.8.E0), V360 (boot v.8.A0), V360 (boot v.8.D0), V3i (boot v.A.30), V3r (boot v.A.30).

- 20.12.2006

Relased S-Card v1.05, SmartMoto v2.06 & Smart-Clip v3.05. First in the world! C975 model, firmware version 91i, is supported for unlock (unlock patch). Model C975 boot version 6.36 is added to "Non-TestPoint unlock procedure". "Non-TestPoint unlock procedure" modified and simplified. No need to flash the handset at the end of the process. User data will remain in the phone.


Relased S-Card v1.07, SmartMoto v2.11 and Smart-Clip v3.07. L6/L7 i-mode fw version 13 (and higher) added to the range of supported. Improved compatibility for i-mode modem COM port settings.

- 05.01.2007

Relased S-Card v1.08, SmartMoto v2.12 and Smart-Clip v3.08. Advanced solution, unlock and IMEI repair patch without TestPoint of E1 boot A.05 (Prepare Cycle). Unlock for ?11x fw version 2.5.78.N (Indian release). Unlock for Indian release of C139 fw version 1.3.29 (beta test).

- 09.01.2007

Released new versions of Smart-Clip v3.09 and S-Card v1.09. C11x (fw 2.5.78) "phone hacked" issue resolved and unlock procedure improved. C139 fw version 1.3.29 is tested and proved to be supported.