Martech II hot updated

- 13.10.2006

Siemens Service Tools - clip edition version 2.8 released. New features: corrected TP procedures for SGOLD (for the new versions of CLIP device). Detection of SGOLD TP lines is corrected (for the new CLIP versions) - "Connected to GND" problem is fixed.

LGs Tools v1.4 - clip program update. New features: new flash support for KG800 model.

Siemens Service Tools (v13.2) updated. New features: corrected LANGUAGE function, T9 extraction from fullflash ("button not active" problem is fixed). Corrected TP red line detection on SGOLD (for CLIP built-in adapter) - "Conected to GND" problem is fixed. New version of CLIP's firmware released.

- 19.10.2006

Martech II Plus/Lite service tools v13.4 released. Full support for all new flash chips in BenQ Siemens EL71 added. BootCore writing procedure corrected.